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Pray For Our Nation

Today let us pray for the children of our nation. Today's children are exposed to a myriad of heavy issues and challenges. Often they have to deal with things that sadly rob them of their childhood and youth, forcing them to "grow up" much too quickly. The acute rise in children who are depressed, anxious, stressed out, etc is a heart-breaking reality that almost every family experiences these days. Let us pray for the Lord's protection of the hearts and minds of our children and teens. Our children's choir sang a song this past Sunday entitled, "Is He Worthy?" It was a beautiful and timely reminder that our children today, more than ever, need a biblical view of God's sovereign grace and power so that when (not if) they are faced with the overwhelming realities of the world today they are quickly reminded that God is with them, for them and able to help them. He is worthy!

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