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Pray For Our Nation

Let's pray for those who are working in the medical field. We've seen significant changes in our own community in healthcare services. These changes have affected both patients, healthcare professionals, and those employed in healthcare related fields. We will take each of these groups over the next month and pray for them.

Today, et us pray for those in need of medical care, that they will be provided for. Pray for both the financial provision and the availability of needed services. Pray particularly for those who feel trapped or abandoned by the "business" side of medical care. Pray for flexibility within the "system" and for favorable decisions of compassion vs. profit for those with needs greater than their resources. And pray for those families having to make difficult decisions where there seem to be no "good" options. And let us pray that as a church we will eagerly and generously step in and help where healthcare processes and resources fall short.

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