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Thankful Thursday - January 9

Today we give thanks for our elders and deacons. Our elders serve us in leading and our deacons lead us in serving. We have 12 elders making up what we call our Session. And we have 15 deacons who gather as our Diaconate. These men and women are our models, mentors, and motivators, as they serve Christ by caring for and shepherding St. Paul's. We are especially thankful for those who having served us well will roll off the Session and Diaconate at the end of February - Elders: John Augustine and Ken VanAntwerp and Deacons: Nina Miller, Amy Beech, and Jim Shesko. Thank you for your faithful and diligence service. And be praying for the new incoming elders and deacons who will begin a three-year term of service in March 2020. As they complete their training and preparation for these high and holy callings.

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