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Thankful Thursday - March 12

Let's give thanks today for our fantastic Children In Worship Teams. Leaders, Teachers, and Helpers every Sunday host an incredible time of worship for our children during the second half of our worship services. Children at St. Paul's are not simply entertained and kept busy, rather they are led into the presence of God in a worship time designed specifically for children. They hear God's Word and engage in considering how they can respond in song, prayer, praise, and living with and for Christ.

An opportunity to learn more about Children In Worship and experience it for yourself is coming up at a Children In Worship Training on the morning of Saturday, April 25. If you have a heart for seeing children know and worship Christ, you will not want to miss this. Watch the bulletins for details.

Again, thank you to everyone who makes Sunday morning a rich, life-changing time of worship for our children. They are not merely the church of the future. They are part of the church of today!

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