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Thankful Thursday - November 5

Today let us give thanks for nation that we live in. If you turn on the news today you might think that the wheels are coming off the buggy! But what we are witnessing is an idea being expressed through the life of a nation. The idea is captured in the words of our Preamble to the Constitution ... "to form a more perfect Union." The phrase implies that America IS NOT presently a perfect Union ... we are a work in process and sometimes a very messy work. But we have a bold goal of being a Union. Not a uniform nation, but a diverse nation united around an idea of moving together toward an impossible, but worthy goal ... perfect unity.

It is a tremendous privilege to live in such a nation with such a worthy and lofty goal. With privilege always comes responsibility. If you voted, you fulfilled part of your responsibility. In the days ahead we have a great responsibility to pray for our nation and our leaders. That by God's grace, we may continue moving toward that more perfect union.

The Preamble begins with the words, "We the people ..." Responsibility for moving toward that more perfect Union lies not primarily with politicians or media, but with us, the people. The responsibilities laid at our feet include: Establishing Justice, Insuring domestic Tranquility, Providing for the common defense, Promoting the general Welfare, and Securing the Blessings of Liberty. There is our prayer list for the days ahead and a guide in how we are to live toward one another.

We may not like the process. We may not like the outcome. But we really do live in an incredible nation with immeasurable freedoms ... and important responsibilities. Gratitude for such things will go a long way in overcoming our fears and fights in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

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