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Thankful Thursday - October 29

Today let us give thanks for our First World Problems. Do you have some convenience in your life that is currently not working like it should? A car, dishwasher, computer, mower, coffeemaker, cable TV subscription, GPS, home alarm, and on and on. Congratulations, you are already in the minority of people in the world who have such and item to have a problem with in the first place. Now this is not intended as a guilt trip, but rather as a gratitude stirrer. Our lives are surrounded by what may be called First World Problems - that is problems that most people in the world do not even have an opportunity to ever have. So take a deep breath. Recognize that the world is not ending. Give thanks to God for the fact that you even have this problem. And ask for His help with it. It is not wrong to have these conveniences. It is wrong to fret over them when they break and let us down as though the earth's rotation were coming to a tragic halt and all was doomed. Let us not be consumed by what we consume ... but let us with grateful hearts thank God for our many blessings, both the necessary ones and the unnecessary and bonus ones.

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