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Thankful Thursday - October 31

Today we are thankful for the Vision Team. You may not have realized it, but a small group of six has been prayerfully seeking God's face and His will for St. Paul's this past year. We've been asking the Lord what is His heart and mission for St. Paul's moving forward into the next 5-10 years. This team recently reported to the Session and some very significant questions are being engaged. The Vision Team includes Lynn Butz, Debbie Blough, Phyllis Bandstra, Kent Biery, Eric Johnston, and Gordon Allen. As they hand off their work to the Session, please join us in praying. The Session will be interacting with the congregation and implementing various parts of the report in the coming months. Please prayerfully give thanks for these wise and dedicated servants to our church. And pray that in everything we do as a congregation that Christ will be exalted and draw many to Himself.

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