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Wednesday Wisdom - February 12

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water." -Benjamin Franklin

Question: If God answered all your prayers, would you still need Him? It seems that the constant practice of mankind is that when things are good (when the wells are full) we forget God. But when the wells run dry, when we are in need, we suddenly find a need for God again. But such a practice is gravely sinful, for it treats God as nothing more than a Cosmic Vending Machine - Something you stop at along the highway, pump a few quarters into (i.e. go to church, say a prayer, do something nice for someone) and then voila, you expect God to jump through the hoops and drop the desired "candy" for you.

Today - Give God thanks for your lackings! That's right, give Him thanks for that in your life which reveals to you how much more you really need Him than you often admit during the times of plenty and ease.

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