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Wednesday Wisdom - June 12

Groucho Marx once said, "I would never want to be a part of a church that would have me as a member."

That statement tells us a little about Marx and a little about the church. Groucho Marx seemed to know himself well enough to know that he wasn't what he ought to be. That statement is true of all of us. We are not what we were created to be. Groucho Marx also believed something about the church though that is not so true. He obviously saw the church as a place for people who had somehow figured out how to be what they should be - or at least convinced themselves that they had. He saw the church as a place for "good" people. That's not really true. The church is a great place for people like Groucho Marx, in fact go to any church, any where and all you will find is people like Groucho Marx - Broken people who in and of themselves are not what they should be.

The reality is that the only kind of church out there is the kind that is filled with Groucho Marxs. But thanks be to God that He takes such motley crews and works graciously and powerfully in their lives.


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