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Wednesday Wisdom - March 18

Be afraid, but do not give way to fear. 1 John 4:18 - Perfect love casts out fear.

Fear is one of God's good gifts. We are to fear Him, standing in awe before Him. And He made us to fear danger, it protects us and others. Fear is a good thing, but giving way to fear is not.

Giving way to fear is when we focus in on something we are facing and forget God in the process. When this type of fear comes upon us, it consumes our thoughts and our hearts.

COVID-19 is a serious threat to our nation and our community. Be afraid. But do not give in to fear. Do not be consumed by it. Do not forget God today. He is glorious, wise, good, powerful, and on and on.

This pandemic is unprecedented, but God is still provident. As you look horizontally the world may seem to be entirely out of control. But don't forget to look vertically, for God is the same as He was yesterday, and will be tomorrow.

Do not be pandemic-fearful and God-forgetful. Be afraid, but don't give way to fear.

You are loved by God and prayed for by your church family.


Pastor Tony Myers

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