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Sunday School

The Gospel of Mark

Mike Dunlap - Multi-Purpose Room

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Mark sets out to let his readers "see" Christ (God in the flesh) live out the gospel. Mark's gospel is deeply influenced by Peter, but not focused to reach Jews, it is the gospel for all who would dare to see "the Christ". While John and others focus more on Jesus' words and teaching, Mark wants people to encounter Christ's life.  

Christian Ethics & The Ten Commandments

Tony Myers - Choir Room

Rules, rules, rules!  For many, the Ten Commandments are simply a list of rules for Christians to follow.  The reality is that they express the good and gracious heart of God for how all mankind might love Him first and love others well.  Together we will explore the commandments of God and their life-giving application in many areas of ethics that we face in our lives today.

Families, Culture, and Christ

Scott Steltzer & Guest Teachers - Library

The class will cover issues faced by families with infants to issues facing grandparents. We would be excited to have all stages represented. Topics addressed: Family Fundamentals, Sports & Competition, Grandparenting, Children & Worship, Technology, Baptism/Confirmation & Communion, Hostility & Bullying, Caring for Aging Parents, and the current cultural Sexual Revolution. Facilitated by Scott Steltzer and guest teachers. 


September 15 - Sports & Competition w/ Doug Smethurst

September 22 - Family Fundamentals w/ Scott

September 29 - Hostility & Bullying w/ Scott

October 6 - Erick Simba visit – combined Sunday School Class

October 13 - Baptism/Confirmation/Communion w/ Scott

October 20 - Keeping Up With The Jones's w/ Anna Steltzer

October 27 - Current Cultural Sexual Revolution w/ Scott

November 3 - Technology w/ Spencer & Jenn Brougher

November 10 - Children & Worship w/ Ellen Johnston

November 17 - Grandparenting w/ Doug & Lynda 

November 24 - Releasing Our Children Well w/ Kent & Linda Biery


Technology – Spencer & Jenn Brougher

Grandparenting to the Glory of God – Doug & Lynda Smethurst

Children & Worship – Ellen Johnston

Releasing (letting go of) Our Children for Maximum Kingdom Impact – Kent & Linda Biery

November 24/

Releasing Our Children Well 

Kent and Linda Biery

Healthy parenting necessitates releasing our children. We have to let go! How do we release our children for maximum kingdom impact? How do we avoid the trap of overparenting? In this class we will discuss the process of sending our kids out to be about God’s purposes for them in the world. Join us to talk about this complex challenge in the journey of parenting.