Sunday School


Pastor Mike Dunlap

Multi-Purpose Room

Mark sets out to let his readers "see" Christ (God in the flesh) live out the gospel. It is the gospel for all who would dare to see "the Christ". Come and join us as we encounter Christ's life.


Pastor Scott Steltzer & Guest Speakers 


The class will cover issues faced by families with infants to issues facing grandparents. We would be excited to have all stages represented. Topics addressed: Family Worship (Church & Home), Caring for Aging Parents, Technology & Media, Race Relations, Discipline in the Home, Anxiety & Depression, Sports & Competition. 

March 8: Family Worship at Home w/ Eric Johnston

March 15: Being a Tech-Wise Family w/ Scott Steltzer

March 22: Being a Tech-Wise Family w/ Scott Steltzer

March 29: Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression w/ Steve Mitchell

April 5: Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression w/ Steve Mitchell

April 26: Discipline in the Home/Raising Challenging Children w/ Scott Steltzer and Guests

May 3: Caring for Aging Parents w/ Scott Steltzer, Dave Glessner, and Pam Ream

May 10: Conversations about Race w/ SB2W Citikidz Directors - Timotheus Pope and Alan Jones

May 17: Conversations about Race w/ SB2W Citikidz Directors - Timotheus Pope and Alan Jones


Pastor Tony Myers 

Choir Room

Life is lived out on a battle-field with enemies seen and unseen. Together we will look at what God's Word says about evil, Satan, unclean spirits, demonic possession, casting out of demons, the flesh, temptation, spiritual armor, deliverance, healings, victory in Christ, and much more.