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Pray For Our Nation

Let us today to continue to pray for our military, those men and women serving to protect our country and others. There have certainly been a number of significant events in recent days and weeks involving our heroes in all five branches of the armed forces.

As we pray for them, let us also pray against those who would seek to oppress and do violence against others. War is a sad reality in a fallen and sinful world. We long for a day when there are no more wars, but as Christians our worldview informs us that as long as there is sin, there will in all likelihood be wars. The permission of war, however, never leads us to any praise of war - We might say it is necessary evil. So let us pray against evil forces, leaders, nations in this world. And pray for the protection of our fellow citizens as they are often called to intervene for the deliverance of those who are suffering. We may differ as Christians on our view of specific wars and efforts, but we can all agree that forces of evil in this world need to be resisted and overcome.

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