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Wednesday Wisdom - November 13

God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go. ~ Tony Evans

We often hear statements that go something like this ... God accepts you where you are at. That is true, in so far as it means that God meets us in our sinfulness and does not wait for us to pick ourselves up out of it so that we can come into His holy presence after making ourselves acceptable to Him. This is true.

But what is often implied in such statements, which is not true, is that God meets us where we are at and accepts us in that state and is content to leave us in it. Such statements are easily twisted to say that God loves me just as I am, so that I can have His love and my sin. This is not true.

God meets us in our sin, but He never leaves us in it. We are saved from sin. And we are saved to newness of life in Christ.

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