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Thankful Thursday - December 3

Let us give thanks today for snow. For some of us this will be a little like giving thanks for a hangnail ... we don't like the snow at all. But it is good and something we can give thanks for, for a number of reasons.

First, it provides much needed work in our community. No snow simply increases the strain on our neighbors who rely upon it for supplemental work during the winter months.

Second, it provides for seasonal recreation and play. Shoveling it to me seems like work, but to my neighbor's kids it is hours of fun and entertainment. And to many it is a signal to get out on the slopes and trails and have some fun ... and we really do need to get out and enjoy some things lately.

Lastly, it is a reminder of the Gospel. Who cannot but stop in the silence of a winter snow and be reminded that though our sins are as scarlet, Christ by His death has made them white as snow. The ugliness of a dull and muddy world is transformed into a beautiful landscape by the covering of snow. So to are our messy sin-stained lives covered and we are made beautiful by the cleansing work of Christ.

So give thanks today for the snow ... I'm sure you can find a reason to do so ... even if you don't really like snow.

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