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Thankful Thursday - October 15

Today let's give thanks for our seniors and grandparents. One of the great loses in our transient society today is that grandparents and their grandchildren often live far apart. A grandparent plays such a significant role in a child's life. Every child, as they grow up, move toward independence from their parents. It is a natural movement that is very hard for parents AND for children. So as kids grow up and spread their wings, they somewhat "lose" an important relationship with their parents as it changes. So where do children turn for that stable relationship that is guaranteed in their life? In the past, it was Grandparents (and Aunts and Uncles). Today there is a tremendous void in our younger generation's lives as they often do not have that wonderful and consistent relationship with a wise adult who loves them deeply. Grandparents have played a critical role in passing along our faith and values to future generations as they step into this role.

Today let us thank God for this older generation, let us pray for families where this relationship may not exist, and let us ask God for relationships for our kids with older adults who can step in as "adoptive" grandparents and be there for our kids when they need someone other than mom or dad.

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